Indonesia Wins Overall ASEAN Digital Awards (ADA) 2024

The ADA 2024 is a prestigious award given to organizations, businesses, and individuals that have pioneered innovative products or services and made significant contributions to the digital landscape in the Southeast Asian region.

Indonesia has successfully received five awards in the ASEAN Digital Awards (ADA) 2024. These awards make Indonesia the overall champion in the best digital innovation achievements among key stakeholders in ASEAN, formerly known as the ASEAN ICT Awards. The name change acknowledges the use of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, in the ASEAN digital economy.

Indonesia achieved the overall championship by winning five medals at the ASEAN Digital Awards (ADA) 2024. These five medals serve as recognition for innovative information technology and communication works in the Private Sector and Digital Startup categories.

In ADA 2024, Team Crustea and Team Shieldtag secured the Gold Winner Award, while Artopologi received the Silver Winner Award. The Bronze Winner Award was claimed by Jaramba and Incrane.

ADA 2024 is a joint project of the telecommunications ministries in ASEAN countries aimed at promoting innovation and collaboration among governments, businesses, and other institutions. As the highest-level ASEAN ICT Work competition, ADA brings together six categories: Public Sector, Private Sector, Digital Content, Digital Startup, Digital Innovation, and Digital Inclusivity.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication and Information, who is also the Deputy Secretary 1 of the National ICT Council (Wantiknas) Implementation Team, Mira Tayyiba, stated that this success is evidence of the success of the Digital Startup Program in Indonesia.

"This indicates that the Digital Startup program managed by the Ministry of Communication and Information is quite effective. Because, as I heard the information, the top five in digital startups are indeed only Indonesian startups," she said before attending the Second Day Meeting of the 4th ASEAN Digital Minister Meeting at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Friday (02/02/2024), as quoted from the Ministry of Communication and Information press release.

According to Mira Tayyiba, the Directorate General of Information Application at the Ministry of Communication and Information has several programs to facilitate the development of national digital startups.

"Starting from collecting ideas, to finding mentors, investors, and so on. So, we can see the results, one of which is in the event that takes place in the series of this ADGMIN," she explained.

The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communication and Information highlights the winners who come from Generation Z with initiatives for services and products in the agriculture and marine sectors.

"It's heartening where the winners are not conventional businesses like e-commerce, fintech, but have already ventured into more basic things like agriculture and marine," she expressed.

Mira admitted to being proud and appreciating the achievements of the five Indonesian delegations in the ASEAN Digital Awards 2024. "So, the fundamental things that we need to understand first are the business processes so that we can succeed. Because the business process of trade or retail is very different from agriculture," she concluded.



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