Presiden sebut IDTH terbesar dan terlengkap di Asia

The president describes IDTH as the largest and most comprehensive in Asia

As a facility for standardized device testing internationally, IDTH is the largest and most c...

08 May 2024

Wamendag Jerry: Ekonomi digital salah satu prioritas Indonesia-Brasil

Wamendag Jerry: Digital economy one of the priorities of Indonesia-Brazil

Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry believes that a strong relationship with Brazil is key to buil...

07 May 2024

Bertemu CEO Microsoft, Direksi Telkomsel bahas potensi AI untuk transformasi digital yang berdayakan masyarakat

Meeting with the CEO of Microsoft, Telkomsel's board discusses the potential of AI for digital transformation that empowers society

Telkomsel and Microsoft will continue to collaborate in delivering a variety of solutions tha...

03 May 2024

Indonesia-Microsoft jajaki peluang pengembangan teknologi AI dan talenta digital

Indonesia-Microsoft explores opportunities for the development of AI technology and digital talent

Microsoft has an Asia-Pacific research and development center that is hoped to also be establ...

02 May 2024

Kominfo bangun Kota Cerdas dan PDH untuk dukung ekonomi hijau

Kominfo builds Smart Cities and DHNs to support green economy

In the National Long-Term Development Plan 2025-2045, the Government reaffirms its commitment...

30 Apr 2024

Menteri Anas dukung akselerasi peran BSN dalam transformasi digital

Minister Anas supports the acceleration of BSN's role in digital transformatio

Before the establishment of SPBE management guidelines, SNI can play a role as a guide for im...

29 Apr 2024

Indonesia ajak negara PBB kerja sama transformasi konektivitas digital

Indonesia invites UN member states to Ccllaborate on digital connectivity transformation

According to Suharso, the transformation of digital connectivity has the potential to unlock ...

26 Apr 2024

Bertemu dengan mantan Perdana Menteri Inggris Tony Blair, Menko Airlangga bahas digitalisasi dan cyber security

Meeting with former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair, Minister Airlangga discusses digitalization and cyber security

Minister Airlangga mentioned the adequacy of resources possessed by the Tony Blair Institute ...

22 Apr 2024