Invited by Jokowi to invest, Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals that Indonesia is an important market for Apple

Apart from discussing the opportunities for Apple's expansion into the country and Indonesia's involvement in the global supply chain, this meeting is also aimed at inviting Apple to establish an innovation center with potential universities in Indonesia to aid in human resource development efforts.

President Joko Widodo has met and discussed with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Wednesday morning (April 17, 2024). They discussed Apple's investment plans in Indonesia, as revealed by Jokowi through his personal Instagram account. Jokowi disclosed several ideas that will be explored with Apple.

"The meeting with Tim Cook focused on exploring strategic plans, including opportunities for Apple's expansion in Indonesia and deeper integration into the global supply chain," wrote Jokowi on his personal Instagram account.

Furthermore, Jokowi stated that he had invited Apple to establish an innovation center with potential universities in Indonesia to aid in human resource development efforts.

Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie, who accompanied President Joko Widodo, stated that the meeting could provide optimism for the Indonesian people. Indonesia, being a large and promising market, is significant for global technology industry investments.

"The President conveyed that ASEAN is a large market, with 600 million inhabitants, of which 45 percent are in Indonesia, including the GDP. So, there should be a way for us to not only be a market but also be part of the global supply chain," he said.

Moreover, the Minister of Communication and Information stated that in the meeting, President Joko Widodo and Tim Cook also discussed the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) for imported products. He mentioned that the President wants Indonesia to be part of the supply and distribution of world technology components.

"Of course, this is the Ministry of Industry's business (Ministry of Industry) regarding TKDN with Apple. If the Ministry of Communication and Information's task is to manage licensing, for example, frequencies and device standardization," he explained.

Minister Budi Arie revealed the possibility that Apple will establish a factory in Indonesia. However, this still requires further discussion. "Oh, as for the factory, that's also (part of investment discussions)," he said.

Apple CEO Tim Cook himself expressed his pleasure in meeting and discussing with President Joko Widodo. Furthermore, Cook stated that Indonesia is one of the most important markets for Apple. Therefore, they have also made a commitment to invest in the form of the Apple Developer Academy facility.

"We will open the 4th Apple Developer Academy. We just announced it yesterday and it will be located in Bali," he said.

Previously, there were already 3 Apple Developer Academies located in Batam, Surabaya, and South Tangerang. (IN)

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