President Jokowi approves the Presidential Regulation on Digital Platform Responsibility

The Presidential Regulation aimed at regulating the responsibilities of digital platform companies has been ratified by the President to support quality journalism so that news, which is journalistic work, is respected and its ownership fairly and transparently valued.

President Joko Widodo has officially signed the Presidential Regulation regulating digital platform responsibilities (Publisher Rights Presidential Regulation) on Monday (19/2), as quoted from the Ministry of State Secretariat website. According to the President, this regulation is one of the government's efforts to realize quality journalism and the sustainability of the conventional media industry in the country.

"After a long time, after going through lengthy debates, finally yesterday I signed the Presidential Regulation regarding the responsibility of digital platforms to support quality journalism, or what we know as the Publisher Rights Presidential Regulation," said the President in his remarks at the peak commemoration of National Press Day 2024 held on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at Ecoventional Hall, Ecopark, Ancol, North Jakarta.

The President stated that the Presidential Regulation underwent a very long deliberation process to obtain approval. Starting from differences of opinion, differences in aspirations, consideration of implications, to pressure from various parties.

"After there began to be a point of understanding, a point of agreement, combined with the continued insistence from the Press Council, representatives of press companies, and media association representatives, I finally signed the Presidential Regulation yesterday," explained the President.

Through this Presidential Regulation, the President mentioned that the government wants to ensure the growth of quality journalism in the country and keep it away from negative content. Additionally, the government also wants to ensure the sustainability of the national media industry.

"We want a fairer cooperation between press companies and digital platforms; we want to provide a clear general framework for cooperation between press companies and digital platforms," said the President.

The President also emphasized that this Presidential Regulation is not intended to reduce press freedom or regulate press content. In this Presidential Regulation, the government regulates the business relationship between press companies and digital platforms to enhance quality journalism.

"I also need to remind about the implementation of this Presidential Regulation. We still have to anticipate the risks that may occur, especially during the transitional period of implementing this Presidential Regulation, both in terms of responses from digital platforms and responses from service users," said the President.

Furthermore, the President stated that the government continues to seek solutions and policies for domestic press companies. One of them is by instructing the Minister of Communication and Information, Budi Arie Setiadi, to prioritize government advertising spending for press companies.

"I have repeatedly emphasized this, at least for the short term cushion. Indeed, this does not solve the problem as a whole; press companies and we all still have to think about how to deal with this digital transformation," said the President.

As for content creators in the country, the President requested not to worry about the official enactment of the Publisher Rights Presidential Regulation. The President stated that this regulation does not apply to content creators.
"Please continue the cooperation that has been going on with digital platforms. Please continue because there are no problems," he concluded.



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