Printing Excellent HR through Technology Innovation to Support Industry 4.0

The development of science and technology has changed the world and the way humans work. The first generation industrial revolution was born marked by the appearance of machines to replace human and animal power. Recorded in history, the industrial revolution resulted in an increase in average income per capita of various countries. Then, a second generation industrial revolution was born which was marked by the emergence of a power plant and a combustion chamber. These innovations triggered the emergence of other revolutionary technologies such as telephones, cars, airplanes, and others. Furthermore, the third generation industrial revolution was born marked by the emergence of digital technology and the internet.

The growth of the digital economy in Indonesia is characterized by the emergence of startup companies, but this condition has not been matched by a reliable supply of digital talent. Innovation through technology can be done as an accelerator in improving the quality of human resources in Indonesia, so as to create equal quality and quantity of human resources in Indonesia. High-quality human resources are needed to sustain industrial progress. Therefore the Government is determined to make HR development the focus of the moment.

What are the efforts of the education, industry, community and government sectors as facilitators so that human resources in Indonesia are able to survive and excel in the midst of intense competition in the industrial era 4.0?

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