Batam As A Catalyst For Indonesia's Digital Industry

Indonesia is now entering the industrial era 4.0, where technology has a large role in solving community problems. Its existence has now become part of the lifestyle, even a primary need for some people. Indonesia has an economic vision of becoming "The Digital Energy of Asia", where President Joko Widodo stated that in 2020 Indonesia will become a digital economy in Southeast Asia. This requires the government to be able to move quickly in preparing ecosystems to encourage people to be able to innovate and bring new technologies.

Batam is a strategic place to grow the digital ecosystem. Apart from being very strategic, Batam also has a complete supporting infrastructure, such as airports, ports, electricity, broadband and has universities. President Jokowi revealed that Batam must be able to connect Singapore with other cities in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Bali. Batam must be able to synergize with Singapore as a bridge to the digital-based technology, manufacturing and tourism industry

In the context of conducting studies, evaluations, and determining steps to solve strategic problems in the field of ICT, the National Information and Communication Technology Board (WANTIKNAS) intends to carry out discussions on Batam as a catalyst for digital industry in Indonesia.

 What is the optimal role for Batam to be a catalyst for the growth of Indonesia's digital industry?

 What recommendations and action plans are needed to make Batam a catalyst for the growth of Indonesia's digital industry? In the aspects of education, events, mentorship, incubation, funding, and digital talent.

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